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About Us

Elegant, breezy terrace providing a sweeping view of the peaceful river scenery, relaxing and family, friend meeting place, perfect to escape the city rush or after working and busy day with classical apsara dancing staring from 7:00am to 9:00pm.

Tasty authentic khmer food and western dishes, enhanced by stylish presentation. Full bar the customer could enjoy  extensive cocktails soft drink, fruit shake, smoothies, beer and choice of wine list and champagne.  Deal sanctuary before or after your bus/boat trip. Sisowath Quay (next to the ferry port).

This is new, built along the quay, close to the Phnom Penh Ferry Port. The style of the restaurant is traditional khmer for the decor, with some reproductions of the temples that the clients can remember easily. A window separate the noisy quay with the restaurant. The cooking is khmer, with dishes between $4 and $6,50 and a special one, the traditional pot, for 2 people $9. Very comfortable place, with a pleasant environment, and on end of afternoon with the refreshing air from the river. Pleasant service and experienced staff.

This is great. For the decor, the room available for each seat and this fabulous sight on the river, changing every time and unique in Phnom Penh. Enjoy the sight on the sunset time, with an appreciated smooth wind. The window on the street side protect the place from the nasty noise of the city.

This is a great pleasure on the breakfast time or on lunch or dinner time. Traditional khmer cuisine, from $4 and vegetarian cuisine too. The large choice of Asian soups are highly appreciated from $1,50 to $4.

The restaurant is well equipped to face to any kind of special events, like seminar, family gathering or business contacts in a very comfortable place.